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Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Best Dancer Friday Night
Wins a Green or a Pink Wooden Ukulele!!!!!

There Is A Cure For The Summertime Blues!

The Ginseng Roots Band will give away a wooden ukulele to the best spontaneous dancer at Porter's Pub in Easton, PA this Friday night. We will also be introducing our newest member of the band -- Scott Hartley, formerly of Liquid Liquid, on drums -- and a unique new musical element.

Spontaneous dancer?

Well, the last time we played Porter's Pub, some people stood up and started dancing where ever they could. Being musicians, we love to see people dancing to our music. It means we're reaching them; it means we're more than aural wallpaper while they drink (not that we oppose drinking at all). So, JJ Peppers and yours truly decided to encourage the dancers among you! Of course, giving away a ukulele is the best way we know to encourage any behavior.

Friday night the Ginseng Roots Band, fronted by your favorite unknown playwright, will play from 10 pm until 1 am (or until the place closes). From 11 pm until 12 am, anyone who stands up and starts dancing will be eligible to win either a pink or a green painted wooden Mahalo ukulele. At the end of the set, we'll call all the dancer to the front of the band stand, play a spanking hot roots number, and then have the audience choose the winner by virtue of the loudest applause.

It's going to be hot, so expect some minimally clad dancers. (Not THAT minimally clad.)

Porter's Pub serves a menu of tasty bar food in ample portions after 10 pm.

Come on out and dance away the summertime blues with Uke Jackson & the Ginseng Roots Band!

Porter's Pub
700 Northampton Street
Easton PA 18042
(610) 250-6561

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