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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ten Finger Eddie Woods

 Eddie Woods, circa 1984

I first met Eddie Woods in the East village in the early 1980s, when the late poet and watercolorist Irving Stettner introduced us. A short while later, while in Amsterdam, I connected again with the expat underground litterateur at his Ins & Outs building. We stayed in touch for awhile via the mails but that eventually fell by the wayside.

Then recently while reading an obit / tribute to Ira Cohen, I saw Eddie’s name and thought, “Wow! Let me Google Eddie and see what he’s been up to.” And that’s what happened and now we’re back in touch, thanks to the www and a contact form on his website.

Eddie Woods – world traveler, writer, performer, heir to the Beats, confidant and traveling companion to Tennessee Williams – is still going strong. Here are some videos that prove it (some is NSFW):

Here’s a link to some audio recordings, plus there are a couple of more vids if you scroll down.

His website is

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  1. As always, the quintessence of "The Wood"...! Bb