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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Here's a synopsis of the musical Ukulele Land (f.k.a. Sex! Drugs! & Ukuleles!). Music by Terry Waldo; book and lyrics by yours truly. We're once again very actively seeking a producer for this show, mostly abroad -- where producers seem to be less cowed by, or complicit in, the corporate fascism rampant in America today. If you're a producer and are interested, please contact me. If you know a producer who might be interested, please share this post with them. Thank you!

There are 17 original songs in this romantic musical comedy set in a dystopian future with social and political reflections of today.

Act 1
At the end of the 21st Century, after a period of total economic and environmental collapse, everything everywhere is controlled by the One World Pharmaceutical Corporation. Much of what is considered normal behavior today is considered abnormal in this dystopian future. All abnormalities are treated pharmacologically.
            Sex is illegal. Drug evasion is illegal. People are engineered and raised in groups called “pods”. Making live music is illegal unless one is a member of the corporate Top Ten.
            The story follows three young outlaw ukulele players (Max, Julie, Liz) who meet in secret to play their music. A mysterious stranger (Pete) interrupts one of their secret jam sessions.
Pete is an edger – the equivalent of a homeless person today – with the air about him of a shaman. Their first encounter is interrupted by a squad from Corporate Security.
            Pete disappears as the trio flees. Pete immediately reappears dressed in the Golden Jumpsuit worn only by Top Ten musicians and distracts the Captain of the Guard while the trio escapes.
            The next time Pete encounters the three ukulele players, he reveals himself as a former Top Ten star and promises to take the trio to Ukulele Land, so they can play their music in freedom.
Ukulele Land turns out to be a ramshackle abandoned farmhouse outside the city. Pete leaves the threesome alone to practice. There, Max and Liz fall in love, and Julie freaks out at being away from corporate civilization. When Pete returns, it is to take the trio to Corporate Headquarters for their audition and acceptance into the Top Ten.

Act 2
The trio is now at Corporate Headquarters. Pete and Julie are having a romantic fling. Pete butts heads with the Captain of the Guard, who is becoming Pete’s nemesis.
The trio audition and are accepted into the Top Ten, based on the song
I Wanna Be A Drug. The trio goes on tour in their Golden Jumpsuits.
When the trio comes back from their tour, Julie reveals to Pete that she is in love with him, and he feels the same way about her. The Captain of the Guard bursts in on the couple and arrests Pete for being an imposter. Pete never was part of the Top Ten but found his Golden Jumpsuit in a dumpster behind a crematorium. Pete is jailed.
For their first live broadcast around the planet, the trio sings an unauthorized song which Pete taught them in the first act – Ukulele Land – and people love it. A revolution begins. Corporate control collapses. Pete and all the drug evaders are released from jail. There is a double wedding.
Love and music return to the planet forever.

Here's a link to a highlights video my neighbor made:

Thank you!

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