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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mo' Philadelphia!

Spent the day in Philadelphia again yesterday. That city is seducing me. In another 9 days the Philadelphia Fringe / Live Arts Festival begins. My slate of shows to see is still formulating. Whatever I do -- it shall be blogged.

Meanwhile, once again , it was sunny in Philadelphia -- all day. And there was an earthquake, which certainly got people chattering.

Jules Goldman and his lovely companion Larice gave me all sorts of tips. Brian Gormley, the painter, and I have decided to find a place there for a few months.

Oh yeah, and Jules  informed me that after my last Philadelphia blog, he started working seriously on a web site for his biz. It's still in progress but if you want, click or here or anywhere Jules's name appears and his site will open.

And I'm learning to use a camera myself for blogging purposes!

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