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Friday, August 26, 2011

Philadelphia Fez Follow up

Last Philadelphia post, I ended with a statement about learning to take my own photos.

Well, these were taken with my cell phone.

I purchased the fez in these photos at my buddy Jules Goldman's shop. The place is like something out of fin de siecle Paris. It's chockablock with art works, books and curios. The fez is obviously a curious curio. JJ Peppers, who the fez fits perfectly, will be appearing at Working Class Bohemians and Ginseng Roots Band gigs wearing it.

Hey, maybe we'll find a spot in the Mummers Parade on New Year's Day!

Gotta love those Masonic rhinestones!

These pins are on one side of the fez.

It's also got the thickest tassel I've ever seen on a fez.

For $10 how could I go wrong?

Okay. The photos are a little fuzzy, and the light could be better. I'm working on it.

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