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Friday, August 5, 2011


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection — See How Dreadfully They Care for Our Exceptional Value Streams
And Please Take a Moment to Act!

The Tinicum Creek is an Exceptional Value Stream — so clean and healthy and pristine it is officially given this designation in law.
As such, the Tinicum and its tributaries are supposed to be entitled to high quality care by our state agencies.
And yet, in order to expand the size of a bridge that doesn't need expanding — it is a historic one lane bridge that continues to serve the community well — PennDOT is willing to severely damage a tributary to the Tinicum with extensive development, including instream work, that will forever change the flows and damage the quality and health of the Tinicum Creek.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network tried to secure an injunction but the State lawyers came back in force to battle it back.
Now it is in the hands of the DEP.
We need your help to get them to take action

Do you know how this project was allowed to move forward in this way?  Because PennDOT misrepresented the size of the project so as to avoid the obligation to secure needed permits — in short, PennDOT lied and DEP is letting them get away with it.  
Please, help us stop this fiasco, urge Secretary Krancer of the DEP to order his staff to act, to stop the project, and to force PennDOT to get the needed permits before the project continues.  Through the permitting process we can get them to change the project and protect the creek.

You can see a video of the damage being done and send a letter by going to the link below.

Go to to send your letter today.  And we need it today!

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