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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deperately Needed -- Nonviolence Trainers

The pepper spray assault by the NYPD's Anthony Bologna against female protestors near Union Square in Manhattan, after a march by the Occupy Wall Street heroes, shows two things:

1. Cops are bullies. They always are and always have been. They get up every day, strap on a gun, and go look for someone to bully -- in this case on behalf of the super wealthy who have destroyed American democracy.

2. There is a desperate need for nonviolence training among our youth, and anyone else who plans to rise up against corporate greed and billionaires (which pretty much covers everything wrong with the country) today.

My daughter called me from college two days ago. She,as president of the Earth Club on her campus, was asked to help prepare for an Occupy Philadelphia movement. I told her that she should attend committee meetings and insist that nonviolence training workshops take place before any demonstrations are launched. I suggested she contact the Quaker center in Swarthmore, PA first.

There have got to be nonviolence trainers around from the the anti-Vietnam era and from the anti-nuke movement of the late 1970s. People need to learn the demeanor, positions, and actions necessary to beget peace during certain confrontation. There are lots of online videos but intensive in-person training is what's required.

Now, there's nothing that's going to stop a violent police thug like Anthony Bologna from picking on women every chance he gets. That's obvious. However, nonviolence training will help people understand their obligations as nonviolent protestors. It will also educate protestors as to how to act when being arrested so that the police do not feel threatened and so that the protestors do not get injured during the process.

Nonviolence is the only way to bring down the current system of oppression by the billionaires, corporations, and their "elected" toadies.

Be peace.

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