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Monday, September 19, 2011

An Invitation from Jules Goldman

I'm turning the blog over to my buddy Jules Goldman today.

An Invitation from Jules Goldman

As my interests expand to include contemporary art and artists, I want the first exhibition to be about beauty and intelligence. That is why I chose to begin with Brian Gormley, an artist whose work expresses both those qualities in abundance. It is my great pleasure and honor to introduce this artist to Philadelphia.
I have known Brian for more than 20 years, mainly through the flea market scene. He always impressed me with the sharpness of both his mind and his eye. Once I saw his work it bowled me over.
As a rare book seller who also deals in antique prints and curios, I have learned that in things of genuine value – that is, items that enhance reality by virtue of their presence – there is always an element of beauty. As such, over the decades my “eye” for beauty has developed and grown acute naturally. What thrills a book collector is not necessarily going to impress a collector of, say, a French bronzes. However, rest assured, the element of beauty is present and is very much a factor in their choices and in their joy of possession. Once your eye is attuned to it, beauty is the spark that lights up an object as worth having.
My approach to selling art is, like my approach to everything, a bit different. My shop, people often comment, feels like something out of fin de si├Ęcle Paris. As I understand it, Picasso, Vollard, Braques, and many other now famous artists from that era first displayed their work in curio shops not so different from my space here in Old City Philadelphia. Therefore, rather than try and redo the space so that the art fits, I have chosen to exhibit Gormley’s pieces that fit in the space.
I invite other dealers here in Philadelphia to come and see the work, meet the artist, and make arrangements to show Gormley’s more massive pieces. You will be awed by the immensity of his output overall, and the relentless beauty inherent in his work.
I invite everyone to come and experience the power of genius present in these painting and prints.  Please help me welcome Brian Gormley to Philadelphia. And thank you for your interest in my new adventure in the world of contemporary art.
                                                                        Jules Goldman
                                                                        September 2011

Brian Gormley Exhibition of Paintings and Prints
First Friday October 7 through November 1, 2011
Jules Goldman Books and Art
29 North 2nd Street
Old City Philadelphia

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