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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wall Street Protests -- Where's Joe Scarborough?

The minions of the fascist corporate media of America have revealed themselves for the cowering weak cowards that they are. The refusal to cover the Wall Street protests on TV and, for the most part print media, proves beyond a doubt that we live in the most corrupt, hypocritical society on the face of the planet. TV money has made journalism a gutless, self-aggrandizing profession. The biggest lie is that the "reporters" are independent and objective. TV "reporters" and anchors are lackeys more concerned with pleasing the rich and keeping their jobs than they are concerned with telling the truth.

When the Arabs began to congregate in their public squares and the police and military in various countries responded with force -- the fat cat networks sent private jets full of camera crews and the talking heads who are called "journalists" by their bosses. Now that protests righteously happening in this country, the self righteous talking heads won't say a word.

Where is Joe Scarborough? Where is Mika Brzezinski? They act like their job is so important to the public discourse, and they won't even mention the protests and the police over-reaction happening blocks from their studio. Gee. They must have another book to promote. Or maybe they are preparing another attack on public school teachers, on behalf of the billionaires who twitch their strings.

FYI, the NYC police have tear gassed people. They arrest people for speaking to them (see 2nd video below). They isolate women and then mace them.

Beware, America!



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