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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bill Clinton -- the Fascist Speaks

Bill Clinton, the man who made cronyism with Wall Street bankers an art form for the Democrats (so they could keep up with the Republicans), made an announcement for the cameras today. He wants the protestors of Occupy Wall Street delineate their demands. This is from the guy who signed Glass-Steagall out of law, against the advice of some of the best economists in the country.

Glass Steagall was the Depression era law FDR's administration used to stop the Wall Street bankers from getting further out of control. It was undone at the behest of Robert Rubin, Clinton's Treasury secretary. Rubin left office shortly after the odious repeal of the law, and went to Wall Street and made himself a HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in a couple of years.

So, Big Bill, is it okay for me to voice a demand? Even though, so far, my support for the demonstrators is limited to the arm chair and computer screen?

How about we see you and Robert Rubin go to prison for lining your pockets at the expense of the entire world? And all your Wall Street cronies get to do time right along with you? How's that for a demand?

Big Bill Clinton -- once a fascist, always a fascist.

(I can't believe I voted for both Clinton and Obama. I must have been delusional.)

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