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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greece and

Workers in Greece have launched a 2-day general strike.The problem is that the government of Greece and the European Union have decided to take away pensions and health benefits and lower wages and give the savings to the bankers. Is that insane or what?

Well, it's happening here, too.
Teachers locally where I live agreed to freeze their wages to save jobs. Now that the wages are frozen, the school is letting 70 teachers go -- this after cuts last year. Also, PA's teacher pension system was gutted by the politicians in Harrisburg, to build idiot projects like the Mountain Laurel Center for the Performing Arts -- the $35 million Tom Ridge project that sits empty and which led to the most outrageous land grab of public property I have ever witnessed, thanks to Ed Rendell -- Ridge's successor.-- and aiding and abetting of the local Wall Street Journal-owned daily newspaper.

How long before the pols here start blaming the workers for what the banksters have wrought? Oh right -- they already are.

Social Security is not a government hand out -- or "entitlement program" as Joe Scarborough would have it. The fact is that Congress gutted the Social Security program to fund wars and bank bailouts, after workers and employers paid into Social Security for years.

Meanwhile, Obama does nothing to rein in the banksters who caused all these problems, once Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin used deregulation to set up the greatest financial rip off in the history of the planet and after George Bush and the Republicans ran up unconscionable deficits (increased by Obama, no doubt).

Workers everywhere are losing their jobs, their pensions, their ways of life -- so the banksters on Wall Street can get 7, 8 and 9 figure annual bonuses.

There's a scene in the old black and white movie version of "A Tale Of Two Cities" in which a mob approaches the palace, where the aristocrats are having a gala ball and banquet. Soldiers march into a formation between the mob and the aristocrats. Then they turn and fire into the palace and begin slaughtering the elite, rather than the mob.

Wall Street bankster scum, corrupt politicians, America's corporate elite -- take note:

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