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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's Really Wrong with "Anonymous"

Edward De Vere did NOT write Shakespeare's play. For one thing, he died years before a dozen or so of the plays were written. For 3 decades, since it first came to my attention, I've railed against this theory for the blatant plutocratic resentment that it is.

Edward De Vere as the author of Shakespeare's plays fits right in with the current state of American culture, which began under Reagan, where the Ivy League elite dominate with mediocrity and money. It's easy for the upper class to believe that nothing good could have come from a working class bohemian like Shakespeare. However, just because one is wealthy that doesn't make their self-serving, narcissistic delusions reality. What's next? Did the Duc d'Orleans write Moliere's plays?

Which is not to say everything that comes from the elite domains of Wall Street and the Ivy League universities is without merit. There's . . . Well, never mind.

If the current state of affairs continues, all subsidies and tax breaks for the elite cultural institutions should be eliminated. The way it works now, the rich get to make tax-deductible  contributions to finance presentations of the creations of their spawn. No one else need apply.

So, like most everything in America these days, the rich get a tax break for setting up a system to reject anyone who's not rich. It's like the billionaires Buffett and Gates shuffling money back and forth and calling it charity.

The world would be a much better place if the most anyone could inherit would be $1 million. Currently, we're told that the wealthy in this country are the jobs creators and need all these tax breaks. That's utter nonsense.

The wealthy in this country -- the 1% -- are for the most part a bunch of trustafarians popping prescription mood enhancers and cavorting with each other in their elitist playgrounds. The rich are now hording their money -- little of which was earned, and that which was "earned" is for the most part illegitimate gain by any rational standard -- bundled derivatives and war profiteeering come immediately to mind.

But I digress.

"Anonymous" -- I haven't seen it yet, obviously, since it's not yet in theaters. The Unknown Playwright will see it and dislike it for the balderdash and conniving, deceitful class warfare propaganda that it is. Though I do understand the rationale and the timing behind making this movie in these times.

The thing is -- you'd think the film makers would be aware that a farce is supposed to be funny.

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