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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plexus is Back in Town

Last night in the Music Deparmet of NYU, John Gilbert hosted a celebration of the great Sandro Dernini's new book about the Plexus art movement of the 1980s. The title is Art Slavery from the Plexus Eighties and it is an illustrated catalog of photographs from Plexus events from around the world.

It is worth noting that until now, Plexus has remained ignored by the art and performance world's "official gatekeepers" (read elitists). The reason for this is that Plexus was open to any artist who showed up to participate. We opposed the elitist attitude that established an "art market" hierarchy dominated by the elitists for the elitists. We were a community-based effort to make art accessible and open to all.

In those days, The Unknown Playwright was the impresario and dramaturge fror Plexus. Several of my early posts on this blog were about Sandro and Plexus. Anyway, lots of old friends and colleagues showed up Here are some fun shots from this blog's resident cartographer and photographer Mike Anton.  

As always, the green links are for clicking, not golf.

Sandro Dernini speaks

 Group Shot (The Unknown Playwright, center with book)

 David Ecker

 John Gilbert

 Sandro and Hanne H7L Lauridsen

 The Great Sandro Dernini and The Unknown Playwright

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