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Thursday, December 15, 2011

George Whitman Remembered by Eddie Woods

I received the following missive from the poet and international litterateur Eddie Woods in Amsterdam this morning and have re-posted it with his permission:


Anyone who manages to survive as long and wonderfully as George Whitman did,
surely deserves more than a mere RIP when they pass on.

George, the iconic proprietor of Paris’ legendary Shakespeare & Co. bookshop,
died yesterday just two days after celebrating his 98th birthday!

Here’s the Guardian’s obituary:

And for those of you who have not yet read it,
here is the story I wrote about my experiences with George,
as published in the online magazine Parisiana:
“A Place to Change Trains”

Along with my condolences to his lovely daughter Sylvia,
and his very many close friends,
there’s nothing else to say other than:
Bon voyage, mon ami.
When the good Lord made thee,
he certainly did break the proverbial mold!



Shakespeare & Co. website

Eddie Woods website

Inside Shakespeare & Co.

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