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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thomas W. Corbett, while he was Attorney General of Pennsylvania and later as Governor, has allowed politics to supersede sound judgment in the child abuse scandal at Penn State. While Attorney General, he delayed making an arrest for years despite having eyewitness testimony of child rape. As Governor he gave millions of dollars to Second Mile despite his knowledge that they were at the center of the child rape scandal.
At best, Corbett has used poor judgment. At worst, Corbett allowed politics to trump protecting children and prosecuting criminal actions. It is time for Corbett to resign.
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I received the above in an email today. Nothing surprises me anymore about child molesters and the Republican party in  Pennsylvania. Locally,  a few years ago, the Republican won the district attorney's race. To celebrate, he got drunk and took his 10 year old daughter to a Hillary Duff concert, where he publicly fondled her genitals and was arrested.

Immediately upon his posting bail, the Republicans swore him into office so the tax payers  would have to pay his salary while he dealt with the charges. His punishment? He had to resign (and live with being a sleazoid. though that's not hard for any politician). (Republican judge.)

In Shaun Mullen's book "Bottom of the Fox" the reporter came to the conclusion that in the 1970s and early 1980s, a "sado-masochistic homosexual sex ring," that included local Republican bigwigs was behind a string of in the Poconos.

Anybody check Sandusky's voter registration record? And why did Governor Corbett donate millions of tax payer dollars to Sandusky's charity when he knew it was under investigation, while at the same time cutting education spending?

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