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Monday, January 30, 2012

Uke Jackson and Blonde Dylan -- Friday Feb 3



Uke Jackson & The Ginseng Roots Band

with special guest Blonde Dylan

Friday, February 3, Porter's Pub, Easton, PA

10 pm - 1 am

Uke Jackson & The Ginseng Roots Band are back! (Actually, we didn’t go anywhere. The email newsletter was on hiatus is all.) Anyway, we’re back! And we’re not alone.

This Friday, February 3, in addition to Uke Jackson on reso uke, the Grand Contraption, and vocals; JJ “Johnny” Peppers on saxophones; Pete Reichlin on tuba, electric bass, and trombone; and Chris Centrella on washboard and melodica; and some new and some returning sitter-inners – Blonde Dylan will be joining us in the first and last sets.

Easton, the river city of our hearts, used to be a place where shows were tried out just before opening on Broadway. So, Blonde Dylan is reviving a venerable tradition.

Blonde Dylan will be trying out a brief segment of her act in anticipation of her unveiling this new character and routine in a comedy club on Broadway later in February. She will be singing Subterranean Homesick Blues and explaining her theory that we are in the midst of ABobcolypse.. (Does this mean we’ll be playing apocalypso music?)

Some things you just have to be there for. This is one of them.

It's worth noting that even though Blonde Dylan (Dana Lee Cohen ) is a real person, Robert Crumb should consider basing a cartoon character on her.

And if a comic buxom blonde ain't your thing, there may be hope for you anyway. However, you'll have to listen to lots of the Ginseng Roots Band music live, live at Porter's Pub for that hope to . . . never mind. Just be there or be L 7.

Woolly Bully and the Boyz

As always, Porter’s Pub has an endless selection of beers.

Friday, February 3, Porter's Pub

Ginseng Roots Band
with special guest
Blonde Dylan

10 pm - 1 am

Porter's Pub
700 Northampton Street
Easton PA

(610) 250-6561

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