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Friday, January 6, 2012


From the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Taxpayers for Common Sense:

Corps of Engineers Uses New Recipe to Cook the Books – Again –
To Push Wasteful Delaware River Deepening Project

Taxpayer and Environmental Groups Release Report on Updated Economic Analysis

Responding to renewed economic claims for Deepening the Delaware River, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, along with our colleagues from Taxpayers for Common Sense and the Water Protection Network, issued a new independent analysis which proves once again that the deepening project is an economic loser.  The groups issued the analysis and an accompanying report titled “Army Corps Cooks the Books Again,” in response to a May 2011 analysis issued by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Copy of the reports can be obtained at: 
The findings of this report adds new information to the wealth of environmental and river harms that have been documented by DRN as well as a host of agencies and experts. 
Clean water, endangered species, marshlands, river dependent jobs, and a whole host of species and habitats that are vital to a healthy river are at risk from the Delaware River deepening project.
Pennsylvania Politicians, and now some from Delaware, are trying to finagle new funding for this bad project in a new effort to circumvent the prohibition on earmarks in Congress. 
  • Don’t let the Army Corps get away with their misrepresentations of facts;
  • Don’t let politically motivated politicians waste our precious tax dollars;
  • Don’t let deepening take jobs from those that rely upon the River and its bounty for their livelihoods …
Write your Letter to Congress today!

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