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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Moon of Innocence --Now 99 cents!

My novel The Moon of Innocence is now 99 cents in the Amazon Kindle store (click for more info).

Here's the story pitch:

The Moon of Innocence is high tragedy structured as a whodunit. Language is a key element of the story, and of the storytelling. Clues to the outcome can be found in various linguistic twists.
At its heart, this is a romantic tale of love and death. Cesar is a young rural poet with aspirations of renown and greatness. Maria is the young farm daughter he loves and has known since childhood. In the peasant society of Catalonia in 1963, Cesar -- the bastard child of an unknown father and deceased mother – is at the bottom of the bottom; and Maria’s parents are opposed to the love blossoming between the two youths.
Love is not the only thing being oppressed. Under Generalissimo Francisco Franco, the last European Fascist standing at the end of the Second World War, ending the public use of the Catalan language is a government policy.
It is the time of Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliuer” speech and Russian cosmonauts outdoing American astronauts in the race for space. Two foreigners live in proximity to the young lovers, each for quite different reasons; and each to quite different effect in the lives of Maria and Cesar. Long-suppressed memories and impulses, still simmering from the Spanish Civil War, thirty years earlier, and World War Two, twenty years earlier, bubble and burst into the pastoral lives of the young lovers.
As in The Sorrows of Young Werther, or Romeo and Juliet, societal mores undermine the power of love, to tragic end. The personal and the political combine to lethal effect. The homogenization of culture and desperation born of loneliness are undercurrents as this short, gripping novel rushes toward a riveting and surprising dénouement. A powerful tale of love, intrigue and loss, The Moon of Innocence will remain with you long after you put it down.

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