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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Nomination for Top TV Jerk -- L.Z. Granderson

So, this afternoon T.U.P. broke down and turned on TV "news" for a few moments. The report / conversation was about the mass murder in Afghanistan, by an American soldier, and the lack of support for the war among Americans at large.

L.Z. Granderson was one of the commentators. This dunce started out as a sports writer, then ESPN commentator. He should have stuck to sports. He is a complete jerk about the war, law, and public policy,

He said that the American people should have no say in how long a war lasts. Likewise "the legislative branch" should have no say in  war policy. According to Granderson, the only person equipped to decide on war policy is the President.

I guess this jerk knows better than the Constitution.

CNN sucks. It's bad enough they put that smarmy, phone-tapping Brit in Larry King's old seat. This guy Granderson now puts the icing on the cake. CNN -- Craptastic Non News

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  1. Thinking about it -- the TV was on no longer than 15 minutes and this guy L.Z. spouts off his inane comments. No wonder it's so difficult to watch any of it anymore -- except Turner Classic Movies, of course.