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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Police State Amerika -- Thanks, Obama!

The Obama administration's march toward an end to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech continues. "Scores Arrested as Police Clear Zuccotti Park" says the NY Times City Room blog post..

FAIR WARNING: Please don't come around at election time asking me to vote for the fascist Obama because he's not as bad as the clown the Republicans put up.

Obama ran on transparency. He runs one of the most secretive, corporate controlled White Houses in history. He is persecuting whistle blowers endlessly.

His Homeland Security czarina pressures mayors to stop the Occupy Wall Street protests and citizens exercising their constitutional rights are gassed, arrested, and brutalized by police on behalf of Obama's re-election and the Wall Street criminals who are his biggest backers (after oil companies like BP, who he also let off the hook).

he ran on a promise to not bother medical marijuana. Now his fascist administration is attacking those who help the sick in California and elsewhere.

Obama inherited a lot of problems, as his apologists insist. I agree. However, where we differ is that for me, it's not okay to cover up the crimes that led to those problems in order to get more campaign money.

Obama is a hack, fascist politician with no morals or backbone. He is a lackey for Monsanto, Big Pharma, Wall Street, M.I.C.(military industrial complex), P.I.G.S. (Prison Industrial Government Syndicate) and every other corporation or interest group with some graft to shovel toward his campaign.

Vote for Jill Stein, Green Party!

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