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Monday, March 26, 2012

Why the TV News Media Sucks

Two cases in the news now underscore the bias and control of the media by the billionaires of the criminal banking conspiracy, the Military Industrial Complex and the P.I.G.S. (Private Incarceration Government Syndicate). They are worth comparing.

Trayvon Martin, it is now being reported, got suspended from high school for having an empty baggie that may have contained marijuana.

Meanwhile, the wife of the mass murderer soldier Robert Bales gets to go on the Today Show and give one of the stupidest interviews in the history of the medium. She doesn't believe he did it. Who care what she believes?

Did Matt Lauer ask her about her husband going into the army to avoid fraud charges, of which he was eventually found guilty and for which a fine of $1.5 million is sill outstanding? No.

Did he ask her about the recent report that one in ten Wall Street workers is a psychopath, and what she thinks of that in terms of her husband's proven shenanigans as a stock broker? No.

So Trayvon Martin is somehow less of a victim because he was suspended? Maybe a more fruitful examination of the facts would lead to the conclusion that, since Trayvon Martin was an A and B student and smoked weed, perhaps all the assumptions about marijuana use are invalid.

And could we reach the conclusion that Bales was a psychopath all along? Apparently not. The Daily Beast, in an article today, brushed aside what it called his financial problems before he enlisted. Financial problems? The guy defrauded and bankrupted a retired couple to keep that fat wife of his in high fructose corn syrup and Cheetohs.

My bet is that Bales volunteered for that 4th tour. He was a psychopath that the army welcomed with open arms and turned into a killer.

So, Trayvon Martin has his memory blackened and Robert Bales gets a whitewash. And that's America today.. 

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  1. Why are people like ABC News / GMA reporter Matt Gutman still referring to killer George Zimmerman as a "watchman" in wrapping up their reports. This guy isn't a watchman. He's a pudgy bully with a gun that the complicit police refuse to take away from him:

    Or maybe I've got it all wrong. It's not network TV news. It's guys named Matt on TV news. Could that be it?