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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lord Byron's Coda -- Free for Poetry Month

Lord Byron's Coda -- A Monologue on Censorship and Sensuality for a Young Thespian is now available on My newest publication is available, so far, strictly an ebook. But it's 99 cents.

Unless you can wait until Midnight Tonight! Then it's a free Kindle download for 3 days!

From Midnight (I believe that's Pacific Time) Tuesday April 3 until 11:59 pm on Thursday April 5, simply click the above link and you can download Lord Byron's Coda to any device with a Kindle app, or to your Kindle, at no charge.

April is Poetry Month, so have at it. In case free is not enough to whet your appetite, here's a synopsis:

Lord Byron’s Coda – subtitled A Monologue on Censorship and Sensuality for a Young Thespian – is a tour de force challenge for actors, designers, and producers. The audience (and the reader) find themselves face to face with the great Romantic poet’s shade, isolated and stuck in eternity. He taunts and rails against a silent deity.

He also rants against the crime of censorship as it was perpetrated against him, and the entire history of literature, shortly after his death.

This piece is not for devout believers of any faith. Nor is it for prudes. Byron embodied every excess and indulgence that comes to mind when Romantic poets are the subject – incest, opium use, bisexuality, innumerable lovers – and more.

The monologue is a dramatic approach based on the author’s reading and research into the poet’s life, including his letters and journals. The end of the piece will raise questions for readers and audiences alike. Is the poet forever locked in a Ground-Hog-Day–like cycle? Or is his final question the right one?   

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