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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love that signage!

So, last night we had a gig at The Bookstore Speakeasy in Bethlehem, PA. Great turnout. Mty buddy Jeffrey Lew, the man the New Yorker magazine calls "the artist who founded SoHo" came to the gig. (He's our house guest for awhile while he searches for a property close by.).

Chris Simmons is a fiddler who is a fixture on the music and theater scene in Bethlehem. He's been doing a British Music Hall show in the city for almost 40 years. He joined us sitting in on the Grand Contraption, which was a lot of fun. T.U.P. met Chris for the first time while rehearsing with the circus band.

Anyway, Sally the hostess at the Bookstore Speakeasy did the chalkboard signage for the evening, and we liked it so much that we asked her to email some snaps for the blog. And here they are!

Have a great week!

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