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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Showdown @ High Noon

Day of Action Targets Do-Nothing Senators
Once again, the legislative session in Albany is drawing to a close and once again New York’s State Senators have failed to do a single thing to protect the public from fracking.   Soon they’ll be heading home to campaign for re-election - so they can return to Albany next year – and continue doing nothing.

Tell New York’s do-nothing Senators that we are not lab rats, we demand a heath impact assessment to determine the effects that fracking might have on ourselves, our children and future generations.

On Wednesday May 30th, we’ll be demonstrating in front of the district offices of do-nothing Senators throughout the state. Click here to find an action near you, and for the telephone numbers of key Senators who need to be called out for their inaction.

Take Action!

For more information email or call (845) 468 7063
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Two out of three people who find out about fracking think the risks aren't worth the rewards.
Public awareness is the key to our success, so spread the word!
Please donate to Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy.

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