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Monday, June 11, 2012

What Is T.U.P. Doing?

Time spent wondering what the hell I'm doing, what's the point of all the writing, seems less than fruitful.

I may be living life on the edge, but the feeling of being alive is strong. I could say "living my dream" but there was a lot more money in the dream version.

So, right now, my days are spent writing a new novel (a paranormal thriller about seeds, food and corporate oppression titled The Christmas Seeds). 

After writing a new chapter each day, I practice trombone for an hour and then learn new songs on ukulele or guitar -- usually tunes from the early 20th Century. 

I've also joined the site "Good Reads" where there seems to be a fair amount of animosity toward authors. However, some people seem to be genuine about connecting. Anyway, it should be interesting.

Then there's gardening.

So, my summer seems pretty well set -- writing a new book (and revising another long story for release on Kindle next month); lots of music gigs (and lots of open dates yet; if you're in the Delaware River Valley anywhere from Hancock, NY to the Philadelphia area; or NYC or NJ and you want some great music for your event or party, give us a shout); online schmoozing; real world growing and cultivating food and flowers.

There you have it. If anything more interesting befalls me I will post it here.
Uke Jackson

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