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Monday, July 16, 2012

Penn State football

Penn State Football should be shut down for 14 years. It won't happen, of course, because there is no justice in America when it comes to sports. Tom Corbett, current governor of Pennsylvania, will never be prosecuted for his role in the Sandusky cover up. Joe Paterno died his way out.

Why fourteen years? Because that's the amount of time we know for sure that Joe Paterno and his bosses decided that Penn State football was more important than the lives and innocence of young children. Penn State, at the same time, with Coach Paterno, held up the university's athletic program as one of the most upright, moral programs in the country. That was a lie. While the athletes may have been held to a high standard, the coaches and their bosses allowed degeneracy and the worst sort of perversion to flourish in the shower room.

As a Pennsylvania taxpayer, I am appalled that any public money is going to this university as long as the football program is allowed to function without any repercussions for the cover up.

It's up to the NCAA to step in and shut down the program. As to the silly argument that it will punish the athletes  -- athletes will stop going to Penn State for football during the time the program is shut down. Why would any decent young person want to be part of such a tainted operation?

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