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Friday, July 27, 2012

Penn State Punishment Not Enough

Reading the comments of Penn State students and supporters on line, it occurs to me that the entire university should be shut down. These bozos don't get it. Locally, school teachers and others who work with children are decrying the penalties. To them the loss of football prestige is more important than the lost innocence of children.

That's pathetic and disgusting.

Judge Louis Freeh investigated this. He is one of the most reputable legal minds in the country.  His conclusions are now part of history. The jokers sounding off should think about that.

And to the family of Joe Paterno -- shut the f##k up and go hang your heads in shame. For years the great JoePa posed himself in the public eye as the head of a football program that was among the most honest and moral in the nation. That was a self-aggrandizing scam.

Put JoePa right up there with Bernie Madoff -- phonies who ruined people's live. Paterno could have stopped Sandusky. Instead, he enabled him.

Penn State is largely a teacher's school. None of these people who think the penalties are too harsh should be allowed near children, ever.
 Uke Jackson

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