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Friday, July 20, 2012

Uke Jackson's Ginseng Roots Band

@Hotel Bethlehem Sat. July 21, Noon 'til 3 pm

Celebrating Bethlehem Garden Club's 

Free Flower Show

New Uke Jackson Books published (story below)

Uke Jackson's Ginseng Roots Band will be pumping out the sounds out front of the Hotel Bethlehem to greet visitors to the Bethlehem Garden Club's annual Flower Show. You can make a day of it by visiting the club's well known Bach Choir Garden and other gardens, as well as have some wonderful food and drink at the Hotel Bethlehem after visiting the exhibit in the Mural Ballroom.

Hotel Bethlehem
437 Main St
Bethlehem PA

This week's line up:
Uke Jackson, Pete Reichlin, Mike Green, Henry Dale, Adam Niewood. Johnny Peppers will be with us for the first set (at least)

3 (well, 2.5) new Uke Jackson paperback books:

Beach Tales -- a dozen short stories from my days writing from the Miami Herald Sunday magazine -- and Lord Byron's Coda (A Monologue on Censorship & Sensuality for a Young Thespian) are now both available in paperback for $9.99. Also the Revised First Edition of The Moon of Innocence is now out. Anyone possessing the earlier version will have something valuable if the book ever catches on. And since some good reviews are starting to appear on various publishing and book sites, I'm feeling confident.

 Click here to open Uke Jackson's listing of titles on Amazon.

As always, thanks for supporting our music and my efforts as a writer.

Come on out and see us!

Thank you!

Uke Jackson

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