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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fat Cat Corbett Goes Paddle Dancing

Christine Todd Whitman used to go paddle dancing on the Delaware for the cameras. Even though she was terrible for the NJ environment, the fascist main stream media used to cover these photo ops like flies on you know what. It led to Whitman being named head of the EPA under Bush; which led to Whitman lying about the toxicity of the air around the World Trade Center clean up site. Now hundreds if not thousands of firefighters and clean up workers are sick, dying or dead from the poison in the air there.

So, now PA fat cat governor Tom Corbett is taking his cue from Whitman. He's going out on the river in a kayak. I'm surprised there's one that can handle him, with his weight. But there you go. Corbett wants to destroy the Delaware River valley on behalf of his out of state fracking energy cronies.

That's my take anyway.

Now, from the Delaware Riverkeeper:

Citizens Challenge Corbett’s Ride on the River
               Narrowsburg, NY – Residents from around the region, including Pennsylvania and New York, greeted Governor Corbett’s planned trip down the Delaware River with signs, boats, and a strong message against opening the Delaware River watershed to gas drilling. 
                “How dare Governor Corbett attempt to use the Delaware River for his political photo op.  His political maneuvering focused on opening up this River and region to shale gas development and fracking would devastate the quality of our air, water, environment, and even food grown in the watershed.  He has no right to seek political gain from this beautiful River that he has worked so hard to decimate with his bad policies and politicking,” said Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper.
                “The Delaware River community will not stand by quietly and let our River be harmed by fracking, drilling, dredging, deforestation or shale development,” added Tracy Carluccio, Deputy Director of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.  “Once again the citizens of this region are standing together in defense of the River that sustains us.”
                “The Delaware River is the source of drinking water for over 15 million, including residents of Easton and Philadelphia; it generates tens of billions in jobs and economic value for the region; it waters the food we eat; it supports the fishing, swimming, boating and birding that are emblematic of the region and which makes this River a world-renowned vacation spot.  We are here to tell Corbett that this River is not his, it is ours, and we will protect it with our lives,” added van Rossum.
                Governor Corbett began his day in the Wild & Scenic Upper Delaware River, in Narrowsburg. Canoers, kayakers, anglers and spectators lined the banks and waters of the River to deliver the message:  “Don’t Drill the Delaware,” which was among the many signs displayed.
                Some of the documented facts included in a report titled River Values-The Value of a Clean and Healthy Delaware River released by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network in April 2010, as well as other reports about the economic values of a healthy Delaware River include:
ü    In just one year the Upper Delaware and Delaware Water Gap brought to our local communities 367,400 whitewater paddlers, who spent over $20 million (20,229,000), contributed almost $10 million (9,895,000) to our local economies, and supported 447 jobs. 
ü    Trout fishing in the Upper Delaware River resulted in one year in $17.69 million in local business revenue.  This revenue supporting 348 jobs, providing $3.65 million in wages and $719,350 in local taxes.  This investment translates into an ongoing $29.98 million in local economic activities.
ü    River festivals generate as many as 75,000 visitors to small riverside towns, giving an important boost to local businesses.
ü    Clean and healthy waterways like the Delaware River enhance the value of our national lands by $3.7 billion nationwide.
ü    The Delaware River supports 44,941 jobs and $1.5 billion in wages from fishing, hunting and bird watching in the watershed.
ü    The Delaware River supports 4,226 jobs associated with paddling-based recreation.
ü    The Delaware River watershed and its scenic views support over $87 million a year associated with skiing.
ü    The Delaware River provides healthy drinking water to over 15 million people in the Watershed and beyond.  If the waters feeding New York City’s Delaware River water supply were to become contaminated from fracking, drilling or associated shale gas development it would cost New York City $10 to $20 billion to treat that water for drinking.
ü    The healthy forests of the Delaware River Basin protect communities from flooding and save them the high cost of associated stormwater infrastructure – 4 communities in the basin were saved $6 ½ billion in stormwater infrastructure because of watershed forests and trees.

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