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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Andrew Cuomo says "Frack your drinking water"


It seems the Cuomo Administration is unwilling or unable to get even the simplest things right when it comes to fracking. It shouldn't be that hard; first you assess the environmental and health risks, then you write regulations to minimize the harm. That's the way it's supposed to work; but that's not the way it is in Andy's Albany.
Although The DEC still hasn't completed its environmental review, and outside experts haven't publicly released their comments on health impacts, Cuomo went ahead and issued draft fracking regulations on December 12th, thereby triggering a thirty-day public comment period that just so happens to coincide with the holiday season.
What's wrong with the regs? Plenty. We've prepared a number of letters that highlight some of the major flaws. Please take a minute or two to submit each one; we'll print them out and mail them in on the very last day of the public comment period. Our goal? To bury Albany in a blizzard of paper on January 11th.

Don't stop now! Our friends at GRASSROOTS Environmental Education have created a wonderful present for us all – 30 Days of Fracking Regs, which is designed to help concerned citizens submit a “comment a day” during the month long public comment period. For information on how to write your own comments, see NY Fracking Regulations.
Is your organization signed onto the American Clean Energy Agenda Contact for more information.

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Two out of three people who find out about fracking think the risks aren't worth the rewards.
Public awareness is the key to our success, so spread the word!
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