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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Uke Jackson's Big Bottom Holidaze

Since my band is getting booked mostly as a trio in the winter months, we've decided to give the trio a name: Uke Jackson's Big Bottom Band. It's me on resophonic ukulele/vox, JJ Peppers on Bass sax and Pete Reichlin on bass. "Two bass instruments in a trip?" you ask. Yes indeed. And hence the "Big Bottom".

And to start things off with a bang, so to speak, we're playing every Thursday at our favorite 1920s theme night club / restaurant -- The Bookstore Speakeasy, where the food is always delicious and the selection of exotic drinks and great beers is exceptional. Reservations strongly advised.

Looking for stocking stuffers? Please check out my books and ebooks on Amazon:

Using an ereader that's NOT a Kindle? So far 3 of my books have been formatted to suit other ereaders. Please check 'em out on More coming in 2013!

Books make great gifts. Thank you for a great 2012! Happy Holidaze!
Uke Jackson

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