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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shale Truth -- from The Delaware Riverkeeper

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network's
Shale Truth Interview Series
Volume 2, Part 1
This Week: Leslie Sauer
This week, restoration expert Leslie Sauer weighs in on the destructive nature of natural gas pipeline construction and what it means for the Delaware River watershed. She warns that pipleline construction has become increasingly destructive over time, carving swaths of destruction in it's wake.

Large Machinery, Compacted Soil
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Sauer expounds on how large machinery crudely disrupts forest ecosystems and leaves soil extremely compacted. The resulting soil loses it's ability to absorb storm water and provide a suitable home for native plants.

A new Shale Truth Interview segment will be released every Wednesday on the Delaware Riverkeeper Network YouTube channel at
Andrew Berman
In our last interview, energy industry consultant, Andrew Berman, questioned the economic viability and projected growth of the natural gas industry.

Leslie Sauer
Over the nex few weeks, Leslie Sauer will discuss the environmental degradation that results from constructing natural gas pipelines.

Anthony Ingraffea

In our next interview we'll hear from Anthony Ingraffea, Engineering professor at Cornell University.  He'll explain how natural gas is not the clean, sustainable energy source many claim it to be.
Coming Soon...
With just a few minutes each week you'll be up-to-date on new information and well-respected expert opinion to further your understanding of the critical danger of shale gas development.


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