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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shale Truth Interview from Delaware Riverkeeper

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The Delaware Riverkeeper Network's 
Shale Truth Interview Series
Volume 3, Part 1
This week's interview introduces Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering at Cornell University.  Dr. Ingraffea grew up along the Delaware, and he expresses concern over what shale gas Ingraffea 2development might mean if it reaches the area.
Dr. Ingraffea goes on to dispel a number of misconceptions concerning "fracking" and natural gas, and he explains why shale gas extraction is such a uniquely dangerous and crude operation.

As Dr. Ingraffea sees it, shale gas extraction is a practice born out of desperation and greed on the part of oil and gas companies.  It is not a viable energy source for our future.
"It's inelegant.  It's inefficient. It's dumb."
Hear what Dr. Ingraffea has to say about shale gas and the "inelegant" methods used to extract it here.


Each Wednesday the Delaware Riverkeeper Network will upload a new video to YouTube from our Shale Truth Interview Series.  Each video is typically 5-8 minutes in length and provides an excellent source to stay informed about the dangers of shale gas.
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