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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Story A Month

So, I'm publishing a story a month for at least the next year. Click and sign up for the once monthly newsletter, please.

The first story is The Musicians and you can download it for free on, Click the link above and then follow link to the Smashwords page for The Musicians ebook. Smashwords has it available in all e-reader formats. Click "Add to Cart" and then checkout. Use the Coupon Code BC86Y and it will be yours for free.

It begins the ghosts of an ax murder who visit a mandolin player. Read it for more info.

You also can buy it on Kindle for 99 cents by following the Kindle link after clicking the link above. 99 cents makes you am patron of the literary arts Maybe pulp fiction arts would be a better term, except nobody uses that except in referring to the movie.

You can also hear next month's 3 Boogerberry Tales in their entirety on my website. Just click (same as above).

Thank you!
Uke Jackson

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