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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PA Rivers & Streams Under Attack Again -- From Delaware Riverkeeper

Help Protect PA’s Wild Trout Streams and Endangered Species From the PA Legislature Looking to Gut Protections to Appease Drillers & Other Special Interests
Oppose H.B. 1576 & S.B. 1047
A.K.A The Endangered Species Coordination Act
Contact your PA Legislators & Write the Legislative Committee Chairs Holding a Second Hearing On Sept 17th

Have you written your letter yet to help PA’s endangered species from being assaulted by our state legislators who are proposing another gift to the gas drillers?  The Pennsylvania Legislature is proposing to severely gut the state’s Endangered Species Act and other protections that help protect wild trout, endangered bats, and other sensitive PA species that are part of Pennsylvania’s natural heritage.  Please contact the Legislative Committee Chairs and your state legislators now to stop this bad legislation.  If you know people near Indiana, PA ask them to attend the joint legislative hearing on September 17th at 10AM.    
For more information and to write a letter with a few clicks at the DRN Action Alert Page to the Committee Chairs holding the hearing on September 17th and your PA State Representative CLICK HERE

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